March 3, 2017

Adam Cunha at Sight by Honey Gueco for Carbon Copy Online

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Suit by Macson, Shirt by Fred Perry, Tie by Pierre Cardin, Belt by Hugo Boss

Adam Cunha at Sight Management in Barcelona features in Count Me In photographed by Honey Gueco exclusively for Carbon Copy Online, with styling by Miguel Angel Ruiz. Fashion includes Macson, Fred Perry, Pierre Cardin, Hugo Boss, Diesel, Punto Blanco, G-Star, Vivienne Westwood, Timeless Barcelona, Christian Dior, Windsor & Brest, Bikkenbergs, Isabel Áurea, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Conflicto DK, Nine In The Morning, Even Ezra & Dueros.

Photographer: Honey Gueco
Fashion Stylist: Miguel Angel Ruiz
Grooming: Rafit Noy at Mac Cosmetics and Morrocanoil
Assistant: Saray Dominguez Garcia
Model: Adam Cunha of Sight Management

Shirt by Fred Perry, Trousers by Diesel, Vintage Suspender, Socks by Punto Blanco, Shoes by G-Star, Pendant by Vivienne Westwood & Rings by Timeless Barcelona

Jacket by Bikkembergs, Shirt by Vivienne Westwood, Handkerchief by Dolce & Gabbana & Trousers by Hugo Boss

T-shirt by Emporio Armani, Leather Cap by Conflicto DK, Spectacles by Hugo Boss & Jewellery by Timeless Barcelona

Denim Shirt & Trousers by Nine In The Morning & Vintage Silk Handkerchief

Shirt by Eben Ezra & Vintage Silk Handkerchief

Shirt by Christian Dior, Tie by Christian Dior, Watch by Windsor & Brest & Rings by Timeless Barcelona

Leather Jacket & Leather Trousers by Bikkenbergs, Shoes by G-Star, Pendant by Isabel Áurea, Pendant by Dueros & Rings by Timeless Barcelona