September 5, 2016

Afield SS17 ‘Let’s Go Swimming’ Collection

By Matt King In Collections

Check out the Afield Spring Summer ’17 collection titled ‘Let’s Go Swimming’ below in full. The collection is a lovely mix of relaxed tailoring, retro knitwear and classic linens. Inspiration comes from the late 60’s era David Hockney but with modern bold geometric influences too from the likes of aerial photographer Gray Malin. The collection also features collaborations with heritage shoemakers Padmore & Barnes and Blue Matters denim, reworked and reimagined with a fresh Afield twist.


_MG_2986 _MG_3170 Afield_SS17__MG_3263 Afield_SS17__MG_3390 Afield_SS17__MG_3398 Afield_SS17__MG_3509 Afield_SS17__MG_3624 Afield_SS17__MG_3735 Afield_SS17__MG_3878 Afield_SS17__MG_3944 Afield_SS17__MG_3954 Afield_SS17__MG_4065 Afield_SS17__MG_4119 Afield_SS17__MG_4175 Afield_SS17__MG_4268 Afield_SS17__MG_4319 Afield_SS17__MG_4411 Afield_SS17__MG_4495 Afield_SS17__MG_4545 Afield_SS17__MG_4561 Afield_SS17__MG_4577 Afield_SS17__MG_4636 Afield_SS17__MG_4641 Afield_SS17__MG_4787 Afield_SS17__MG_4814 Afield_SS17__MG_4891 Afield_SS17__MG_4903 Afield17__MG_2965 Afield17__MG_3074 Afield17__MG_3135