October 2, 2017

BOYS OF NEW YORK: Damien Medina at Red Models for Carbon Copy #25

By Nathan Best In Carbon Copy, Interviews, Menswear

For our Boys Of New York series, I caught up with Damien Medina of Red Models  on the runway & between shows during New York Fashion Week Men’s  Spring/Summer 2018. Damien is easily recognized for having killer eyebrows and a captivating smile.  Here are Damien’s replies to 7 questions about his Fashion Week experience.

Name: Damien Medina at Red Models
Photography: Nathan Best
Casting: Nathan Best for Project Ten Organisation
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1. How’s it going Damien? How old are you and how long have you been modeling?
It’s going good.  I’m 18 now and I’ve been modeling since I was 15. 

 2. Which shows were you in?
This year I did Ovadia & Sons , Carlos Campos and Matiere.

 3. What is your favorite brand?
Right now my favorite brand is Gucci.

 4. What foods did you basically survive on during the week?
Scrambled eggs with bacon  *momma style*  And pizza

 5. Did you run into any famous celebrities?
A couple 

 6. Which model friend(s) did you hang out with the most ?
Jancarlos Diaz and also my boy Youssouf Bamba 

 7. Give us 4 words that describes your experience at New York Men’s Fashion Week.
 Amazing Fun Unforgettable Busy 

Download our new issue:
Carbon Copy #25
370-page Digital Edition: £2.99
Download this edition as part of an eBook Bundle Issues 20-25: £5
Download Carbon Copy Issues 1-20 in an eBook Bundle: £8.00
iTunes/App Store £2.99