April 7, 2016


By Nathan Best In Blog, Interviews

IBou 4572

Name: Ibou Diouf at Red Models
Photography: Nathan Best
Casting: Ian Cole for Project Ten Organisation
Assistants: Anne Li & Baraa Rucker
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1. Hi Ibou, It’s cool to see you! What’s your age and where are you from?
What’s going on Nate? I’m 20 and I hail from Senegal, West Africa.

2. How hard was it to get into modeling?
Not at all! I was fortunate enough to have been signed by the first agency I visited (RED). But it is definitely a test of patience!

3. What is your heritage/ethnic background?
I’m Sub-Saharan African.

4. What really kills, your looks or your personality?
I consider myself to be a charmer! Looks don’t last forever!

5. What is the most common misconception about you?
I enjoy sharing ideas and information, but that’s often misconstrued as being a “know it all”.

6. Do you own the runway?
Hell yeah! It’s one of the only places where I allow myself to be an attention whore!

7. What is your motto to live by or famous last words?
“Freedom lies in being bold!”

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