September 28, 2017

BOYS OF NEW YORK: Sean Lloyd at Next Models for Carbon Copy #25

By Nathan Best In Carbon Copy, Interviews, Menswear

For our Boys Of New York series, I caught up with Sean Lloyd of Next Models  on the runway & between shows during New York Fashion Week Men’s  Spring/Summer 2018. Sean may be young but he has a great look and presence.  Here are Sean’s answers to 7 questions about his Fashion Week experience.

Name: Sean Lloyd at Next Models
Photography: Nathan Best
Casting: Nathan Best for Project Ten Organisation
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1. How’s it going Sean? How old are you and how long have you been modeling?
I’m doing great! I’m 16, turning 17 in September and I’ve been modeling for a year and 8 months. 

2. How many shows were you in?
This season I was in Antinoo Menswear, Gustav Von Aschenbach by Robert Geller, N-P-Elliot, Raun LaRose, Death To Tennis and Dim Mak

3. What is your favorite brand?
My favorite brand from this season was Death To Tennis. However, I much enjoyed all the other brands as well.

4. What foods did you basically survive on during the week?
I mostly survived off of cream cheese raisin bagels and Arizona tea.

5. Did you run into any famous celebrities?
I met Asap Rocky.

6. Which model friend(s) did you hang out with the most ?
Sadjo Ka 

7. Give us 4 words that describes your experience at New York Men’s Fashion Week.
Intense, Energetic, Memorable, Ageless