June 5, 2016


New Single & New Album Release Date

By Matt King In Music Videos

Since winning his Grammy back in 2014 for his very tranquil yet incredible album Morning Phase, Beck has been somewhat quiet in hinting towards a followup album. He did however shock the world with a very unexpected poppy track called ‘Dreams’ last year which only helped to show his pure talent and breadth of abilities.

This week Beck has finally announced a follow up album due for release on the 21st of October of this year and looks to be taking his work in a very different direction. Self produced with help from his old friend Greg Kurstin, who played in his band and then went onto produce the artists such as Adele, Lily Allen and The Shins. Beck told NME he nearly had Chance The Rapper featuring on his album so it is definitely going to be an album to look out for. Tying in with the announcement he also released the funky new single ‘Wow’, check it out below, and watch this space for news on the album!