August 6, 2016


A Brilliant Fresh Brooklyn Artists With Echoes Of Frank Ocean

By Matt King In Album, Music

Berhana‘s released his debut track ‘Janet’, at the tail end of last year, which echoed the kicked back feel of Super Rich Kids’ by Frank Ocean, with the same clever word play and soulful RnB vocals as Frank, helping us to slot him relate to the fresh Brooklyn artist immediately.

Thankfully Berhana is back with an 8 track self-titled EP. The six-track project kicks off with ‘Brooklyn Drugs, a dark watery mix of ebbing synths, rising siren sounds, and Berhana’s relatable vocal style. The EP continues coherently throughout with the same nostalgic feel and is perfect to hit play and chill to on a quiet evening. You can check the EP out in full on Apple Music Below, and head to his website HERE to nab yourself a free download. Also make sure to check out the quirky video for his debut single ‘Janet’ below too.