May 19, 2016

#CCMUSIC D.D Dumbo – Satan

Beautifully Made Minimalism

By Matt King In Music, Music Videos

D.D Dumbo come from Castlemaine, a small town down under in the depths of the Victorian bush. Their truly unique and exciting style is a combination of thumping rhythms, quirky instruments swimming in a pool of reverb and dense droning tones. Their music is beautifully minimal yet the complex rhythms and characterful instruments keep you yearning for more. In 2014 they released their debut EP titled Tropical Oceans’, check it out below on Apple Music.

This week saw D.D Dumbo dropped the video for their latest single ‘Satan’. Beautifully shot and directed by Jim Elson in a deserted landscape, the video compliments the minimalist track perfectly, with simple shots of characters marching in desolate scenes and cuts of objects revolving on a jet black backdrop. Check it out in full below.