April 7, 2016


Debut Album 'Sept 5th' Released & Listen To Track 'Hallucinations'

By Matt King In Music


After much speculation recently as to what dvsn (pronounced ‘Devision’) actually comprised of, it has been revealed that it is an electronic/R&B duo Daniel Delay (vocalist) and Grammy-nominated producer Paul Jefferies, aka Nineteen85.

Within a month of signing with Toronto’s popular label OVO Sound, the duo have already released their brilliant debut album ‘Sept. 5th’. Their first pre-album dropped single ‘With Me’ and ‘The Line’ have seen a lot of radio play in a very short period of time, and the release of the album at the end of last month, has already received very high praise and play counts. The duo follow suit of the very successful Toronto artists to break through in recent years, most sonically similar to early The Weeknd releases, such as ‘House of Balloons’.

Check out our favourite album track ‘Hallucinations’ below to get a feel for the duo and check out the album below that. Expect more successful from this very talented duo in the months ahead.