July 4, 2016


By Matt King In Album, Carbon Copy

The awesome Canadian foursome that are BadBadNotGood are back with their new album titled ‘IV’. After pricking up ears all over the world with their incredibly creative jazz hip hop beats featuring none other than Ghostface Killah on their last release Sour Soul last year, it left us full of intrigue as to what the band would do next.

Well firstly they made their saxophonist Leland Whitty a permanent member, and got straight back into the studio to come up with another soulful soul of jazz fusion jams. Unlike Sour Soul however, IV has a variety of exciting featured artists on it, that don’t stem from hip hop roots. The first track that really grabbed my attention was the kicked-back jam titled ‘Time Moves Slow’ featuring Future Islands singer Samuel T. Herring. His soothing mature voice sits beautifully amongst a woody sounding bass, ghosting snare patterns and slowly throbbing rhodes chords.

Other gems on the album include ‘Lavendar’ a dark synth based track featuring producer Kaytranda, which starts off with a very mysterious syncopated bass synth line filled only by a shifting snare beat and the occasional dub delayed guitar and keyboard chord. The track opens up with broken chords seemingly free falling between sections, before returning to the original beat with added filtered chords and lush melodies.

The album even features another favourite Toronto artist of ours, Charlotte Day Wilson. The track starts with a modern ‘Air’ sounding bell selection of chords and walking bass lines only to be taken back in time with Charlotte’s magnificent voice guiding you down a blissful path surrounded by flourishing flutes, romantic strings and relaxing harmonies.

I have picked out but a few of the great tracks on the album, but the album is a credit to the incredible musicianship and creativity of the band. Make sure you check out the album when its officially released on the 8th of July, or have a sneaky pre-release listen on Apple Music HERE.


Pre-order the album on itunes below.

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