May 31, 2016

#CCMUSIC Introducing – Charlotte Day Wilson

Jack of all trades master of ALL!

By Matt King In Introducing, Music

Charlotte Day Wilson is a soul/RnB artist from Toronto, along with what seems to be 70% of all the talented breakthrough artists of recent years, but very rarely do they posses quite as much talent as she does. Not only does she have an angelic soulful voice that sends shivers down the stiffest of spines, but she also produces and writes all of her music in her self-proclaimed ‘Woman Cave’ of a studio.

Her debut single ‘After All’ blended soft jazzy keys with bright shimmering percussion and a silky smooth saxophone, all glued together with Charlotte’s endearing soulful vocals. Check out the track in full below.

Her second single ‘Work’ came out last month with a far more reflective and gospel feel about it than her debut. Lofi organ chords drone throughout the track accompanied by a deep walking bass, softly picked guitar parts and a jazzy slow drum beat. Charlotte’s vocals really shine in the track, falling between hook after hook of soul searching lyrics all gospel oooo’s. Check out the beautiful track below and stay tuned to hear more from Charlotte Day Wilson soon…

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