March 9, 2016

#CCMUSIC Introducing SAFIA

'Make Them Wheels Roll' Single & New 'Embracing Me' EP Release

By Matt King In Music

SAFIA are a Australian electronica, indie pop band formed in Canberra, comprised of Ben Woolner, Michael Bell and Harry Sayers, who all play a multitude of instruments. The band called themselves after a song they wrote called ‘sapphire’, but said the name held no real meaning. They have since found out that the word safia means serenity in Arabic, and when you hear their music below I’m sure you’ll agree that its quite a fitting name for their sound.

The very talented trio of musicians are also responsible for the incredibly integrate production of their music. From the first verse of their latest release ‘Make Them Wheels Roll’ your ears prick up with excitement. Ben’s soulful falsetto vocal performance lies a bed of off beat marimba chords and lush synths, whilst a mellow electronic beat pushes the track along. Check out the single below in full and their new EP ‘Embracing Me’ here, which was released just last week. Definitely worth the price tag of your morning coffee, I know which one would get me up and going with the day faster!


Embracing Me EP - Click Image To Buy

Embracing Me EP – Click Image To Buy