May 4, 2016

#CCMUSIC Introducing – Youngr

Exceeding What You Thought Is Possible For A One Man Band

By Matt King In Interviews, Introducing, Music

Youngr is a unique electronic artist based in London. He made his name though his collection of mesmerising ‘Youngr Originals’ and ‘Youngr Presents’ videos on youtube, and a host of live gigs. He has a real talent for a wide variety of instruments, wether it be hammering away on drum pads, physical drums, keys, guitar or bass, you really can’t help but be overwhelmed by his astonishing musicianship.

Last month saw the first official Youngr release in the form of an infectious upbeat number called ‘Out Of My System’.  In true Youngr fashion the track is a medley of building rhythmic loops and textures, with a simple but addictive lyrical hook of ‘Out of My System’. We asked him just what the track means to him…

“Well for the past year I’ve been single, and I’ve been having a lot of fun. It’s good to have a song that captures that time in my life. I’m probably still in that stage to be fair. But I’m calming down a little bit now. Back to work.”

The video for the single came out last week, I asked Youngr how he would introduce himself and the video to readers, to which he replied ‘I am the music man, and I come from far away, and I can play, yeah I can play’, so without further ado check it out in full below…

I caught up with Youngr to find out a little more about what makes Youngr tick. Check out the interview here…

Firstly thank you Youngr for taking the time to speak to us. Can you start off by telling our readers how long you have been playing music for?
I’ve been playing music since I came out of the womb!

Which instrument did you start off learning, and why?
My dad forced me to have piano lessons.. He kept saying “believe me son, you will thank me later” … How right he was!

Who are your influences? Musical and non musical.
Main musical influences are Simply Red, Kid Creole and the coconuts and incubus. Also love Chopin and Debussy. Non musical… Don’t really know what that means, “nonmusical” … Everything is about music for me. Ha.


I have watched my way through your youtube channel and the one question I keep thinking is ‘how long does this guy have to rehearse for?’ Do you have your kit constantly set up and just practise for hours on end?
You have NO idea! Weeks and weeks of locking myself in my studio and twiddling knobs and moving faders. Yeah that whole set up is in my studio constantly. So whenever I have a show or a video, I book out 2 weeks solidly to rehearse. It’s mainly about muscle memory and making sure the shows flow nicely. It’s a long ting!

I love how your videos have a very close up and intimate feel about them, how important do you feel it is to show the audience that you are indeed playing all the instruments live?
To be honest, not that important that people see it’s all live, that’s just a bonus. My main objective is that the song and videos flow and build nicely. Keeping the viewer interested.

As you play so many instruments live, have you ever experienced technical errors and if so how do you combat them?
Errrrrrrrm, not really experienced a massive technical error yet… One of my midi controllers decided not to work the other day, that made things a little more difficult. Sometimes I wish I had a 3rd arm. … Or a friend =( hahaha

Youngr's Kit

Can you give us a brief run through your live setup? How long does it take you to setup? Do you have any go to gear that you couldn’t live without?
About 2 hours to set up and get sound coming out. My favs are the Roland V drum triggers running through the SPDSX that I use for synth sounds etc – cause I want to drum but also introduce melodies/chords. I couldn’t live without those.


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What do we have to look forward to come from Youngr this year. Any upcoming shows or other releases coming up we should know about? Is there an album on the near horizon?
No album yet, want to look at other methods of putting out music. I LOVE the album, but I feel like we’re entering a world where the album might not be as essential as it used to be. Currently working on a bunch of new tracks to look at releasing in a few months. Sounding crispy.

My next show is the 12th of may at hoxton bar and grill. Come down! (Click poster on the right for ticket details)