March 2, 2016

#CCMUSIC Introducing: Walker Lukens

By Matt King In Carbon Copy, Introducing, Music

How many great bands can you name that have come out of Austin Texas? Maybe if you’re an oldie you might remember Willie Nelson or Steve Ray Vaughan? Possibly even more recently the great poppy indie band Spoon. Well now you’re going to learn another and this one you’re definitely¬†not going to forget. Ladies and gents I give you Walker Lukens. A great versatile solo performer but usually supported by his awesome other 4 musicians referred to as his ‘Side Arms’. Walker has performed on many big stages already including SXSW and CMJ, and the good news he’s out and about touring now and you can check out where here.

His music oozes with talent and character. His debut EP ‘Year Of The Dog’ has such a brilliant bluesy vibe, echoing a disjunct garage-band sounding version of The Black Keys. His full length debut album ‘Devoted’¬†swung his rustic style on its head, neatly wrapping 11 cleaner, poppier tracks into one great album.

Walker’s most recent track ‘Every Night’ seems to combine the best of both his previous releases. Its the first release from his upcoming album ‘Baked Goods’ and will have you singing ‘Doh doh doh doh…’ for the rest of day, don’t say I didn’t warn you!