July 11, 2016

#CCMUSIC JaJa Kisses – Silver Knickers

Another Mesmerising British/Caribbean RnB Artist To Come Out Of London This Year

By Matt King In New Tracks

Jaja Kisses a young RnB artist from London. She started out as the first female in the collective Last Night In Paris (LNIP), but is now a reborn solo artist in her own right. Inspired by the mastermind of Björk, Jaja Kisses is another refreshing example of a British/Caribbean RnB artist to come out of the woodwork recently, the eagle eyes of you out there might have spotted her in RAY BLK‘s track 50/50 who we also featured on Carbon Copy.

Her debut single ‘Silver Knickers’ is a beautiful blend of throbbing pads and ambient percussion with her soulful angelic vocals glazed on top. Check out the cool video accompanying her single below, and stay tuned on news of Jaja Kisses in the future.