March 21, 2016


Forthcoming Album 'Cloud Nine' & New Single 'Fragile' Featuring Labrinth

By Matt King In Music

Norwegian producer Kygo’s twinkly tropical house style seemed to paint the perfect picture of summer last year. With massive hits like ‘Firestone, ‘Stole The Show’ and ‘Stay’ blaring out of speakers everywhere, you would think was onto a winning formula with his music and ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’. But summer passed and Kygo seemed to evaporate into thin air, leaving many waiting impatiently for him to release more music.

Just last month Kygo released a teaser preview of is new album ‘Cloud Nine’ on soundcloud, and one thing became clear, Kygo’s hibernation period had been well spent, his style had matured and grown into a far more diverse form of itself. Trading in a very synth based structure with more authentic and acoustic/recorded instruments. It was also clear that he had taken a great deal of time selecting the right vocalists to fit his tracks. In a statement accompanying the preview Kygo said,

“Hey guys, Im sorry to say the album is going to be a little delayed. Ive been working on this album for a year and a half, so I dont want to rush anything now in the end and I want it to be perfect when I release it! Its 99% done so its very close now!”

Now Kygo has finally released another single from the forthcoming album thats due for release on the 13th of May, and you can preorder it below.

Fragile features a brilliant vocal performance from Labrinth. Although very mellow and chilled as a whole with no real deep drops or lead synths, Labrinth’s husky voice bellowing out ‘Baby I’m fragile, fragile, fragile’ throughout keeps the listener gripped. Its a very affectionate and soulful song about how love and the hurt it causes. Check it out below.