June 8, 2016

#CCMUSIC Lil Silva – De Ja feat. Kent Jamz VIDEO

A Clever Haunting Video To Contrast An Upbeat Number

By Matt King In Music Videos

We all know the all too familiar feeling of De Ja Vu, wether it be something as mundane as ‘I’m Sure I’ve seen that before’ or even a real shit-your-pants moment when something is scarily similar to a dream or thought you’ve had before. For directorĀ MattĀ Halsall though the feeling has a far more sinister side to it.

The video for Lil Silva‘s latest track the ‘De Ja’ featuring Kent Jamz, De Ja Vu is viewed as a terrifying repetition of monotonous routine; eating the same food, being stuck in a brightly lit room of solitary confinement, and being injected with trippy drugs. All brilliantly portrayed by actor Charley Palmer Rothwell in a devastating psychotic manor.

The video is a haunting contrast to the upbeat, playful track by Lil Silva. Stabby strings with a laid back beat, trill hi hats, underwater synths and soft reflecting vocals, whats there not to love? Check out the video and track in full below, and purchase the tune HERE.