April 25, 2016

#CCMUSIC Matt Black – Riot

The Australian RnB Artist That Could Give 'The Weeknd' A Running For His Money

By Matt King In Music, New Tracks

Matt Black is a singer/songwriter based in Sydney Australia, that would easily give The Weeknd a run for his money. His first release ‘Moving On’ was a sonic triumph, Dopamine‘s production created a delicate base of sparse beats, syncopated 808 bass lines and lofi sample cuts for Matt’s emotive voice to float above with class and grace. Check out the track in full below.

His latest single ‘Riot’ mixed by Andrei Eremin is just as impressive and has got many excited about the promise of more tracks to come. If you love the artist as much as us make sure you grab a copy for yourself here to show your support, and watch this space for more Matt Black music in the future.


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