April 10, 2016

#CCMUSIC NVDES – The Other Side

The Melon Has Finally Revealed His Face Along With Another Cracking Single

By Matt King In Music

Los Angeles artist NVDES has mysteriously never had a face since the musician Josh Ocean started releasing music under that name last summer. Instead NVDES has always had the trademark of a melon as artwork, leaving fans guessing as to who and what the artist is.

Just this week NVDES has finally revealed his face, well with sunglasses on…


As well as revealing his face NVDES has also released another pop belter of a track called ‘The Other Side’ this week. The song as Josh put it is…

based on a fling with a girl who liked to dress me up in some of her clothes before we would hook up. This song is an attempt to capture the strange and the fun that went along with it.

Grab your dancing shoes from the closet and check out the awesome new single below!