April 20, 2016

#CCMUSIC Premier: AlanMichael – Honeymoon Motel EP

Spring Time EP Brilliantly Executed By A Passionate Independent Artist

By Matt King In Music

AlanMichael is a 25 year old rnb artist from Arlington, Virginia but now based in New York. He started writing music when he was just 12 years old, and has been releasing demos and covers on his blog and soundcloud since 2013.

His first official release premiered here on Carbon Copy is the very psychedelic and relaxed 5 track EP called ‘Honeymoon Motel’ produced by Matt Mathie (AKA Nastyjazz). AlanMichael contacted Nastyjazz when he stumbled across the vibey instrumentals on soundcloud. AlanMichael told Carbon Copy ‘I sat with them for a few days and I came across a picture of The Pink Motel in California, and thats where the whole idea for “Honeymoon Motel” came about and I went from there’.

The vocals were written and recorded over the space of two weeks in his girlfriends apartment. When we asked what music influenced his writing he said..

‘I wanted to put together something that would be perfect for the spring, I wanted it to have a very smooth and airy vibe to it, similar to how Janet Jackson’s “Janet” album sounds’

For any cunning Janet Jackson fans out there you might get a strong hint of that inspiration on the fourth ‘Midnight (Interlude)’ track. Other influences include Michael Jackson, Grace Jones, Brandy and Blood Orange (who he has had the pleasure of performing with).

Apart from being a great spring time soundtrack, the Honeymoon Motel EP is also a brilliant example of an independent artist having full control and direction over their music. With lots more in the pipeline in the future we wish AlanMichael all the best with his career, remember the name you heard it here first! Check out the Honeymoon Motel EP in full below…

You can find AlanMicheal on: Twitter Tumblr Soundcloud