March 5, 2016

#CCMUSIC Spring King – Rectifier

New Single & Video

By Matt King In Carbon Copy, Music

Spring King have gone from strength to strength since their debut in 2012 when the band consisted solely of the incredibly talented young producer Tarek Musa, recording in his bathroom in Manchester.

Since then Tarek has acquired a little help from his old school friends and expanded the band to include Peter Darlington, James Green and Andy Mortan. They haveĀ been praised from every highly respected music lover and critic you could shake a stick at. So much so that Zane Lowe (formally BBC Radio1, now Apple Musics Beats1) launched the new Apple Music Beats1 radio station with their ‘City’ single, back in summer of last year. Since then the band have been gigging a lot and recently signed to Island records.

Their new single ‘Rectifier’ is out now, click here to buy the single, and check out the video below.