May 18, 2016

#CCMUSIC Stormzy – Scary

The Biggest Talent In Grime Hints At His debut Album In His Dark New Video 'Scary'

By Matt King In Music, Music Videos, New Tracks

The UK Grime scene has had brilliant momentum in recent years and one artist that has contributed to its rise is South London Grime MC Stormzy. His lyrical talent goes far beyond clever rhymes over grime beats, he has a truly magical natural flow and variation in his delivery, bringing both speed and wit with every syllable, that has seen him rise to the top of the game.

He has already achieved so much in his short career, including his own #MERKY show on Beats1 as well as numerous product endorsements for brands including NIGO’s Adidas Original Campaign and even a Nandos burger named after him.


Stormzy With NIGO for Adidas Originals. Click Image For Documentary

He has also won two MOBO awards including the prestigious Male Act award, and made history by charting the first freestyle single in the top 40 single for his track WickedSkengman 4, all of this accomplished without even releasing an album!

The good news is Stormzy hasn’t slowed down one bit since his rise to fame. His latest video released at the end of last month titled ‘Scary’ is another brilliant showcase of his incredible lyrical ability and it even starts with a title saying ‘Album Coming Soon’, so stay tuned for any upcoming news on that. For now though check out the video below.