November 26, 2015

Winter Holiday Gift Guide: Skincare

By Cristina Planelles In Blog, Carbon Copy, Shopping


If you’re yet to try Aēsop products, this Christmas 2015 is your perfect opportunity. Here our selection for you can add them to your wish list.

1. Jet Set

Four in-flight essentials for hair and body.

The set includes the Classic shampoo and conditioner -with LavenderPeppermint, Rosemary and Tea tree-, the Geranium Leaf body Hydrating Body cleanser and the Rind concentrate body balm -with Almond, OrangeCoconut and Grapefruit.

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christmas-2015-gift-guide-beauty-aesop-jet-set-kit-CC2. Mandarine Facial Hydrating Cream

A lightweight, citrus oil-infused moisturising cream for normal or combination skin, which contains Mandarine Orange, TangerineGrapefruit, Hazel, Sesame and Carrot.

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christmas-2015-gift-guide-beauty-aesop-mandarine-facial-hydrating-CC3. A Rose by any other name Cleanser

A gentle low-foaming body cleanser containing botanical extracts such as Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Cardamom and Black Pepper.

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christmas-2015-gift-guide-beauty-aesop-a-rose-by-any-other-name-body-cleanser-200ml4. Geranium Leaf Duet

A cleansing and moisturising maintenance set for the entire body.

The Set includes Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser -with Mandarine Orange and Bergamot– and Geranium Leaf Body Balm -with Sweet AlmondCoconut, Mandarin Orange, Shea Butter and Carrot.

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