August 27, 2013

Disclosure: Settle

By admin In Music

Artist: Disclosure
Title: Settle

Released 31st May, 2013
Universal Island Records

Disclosure is brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence and this album invites eight guest vocalists to add some soul to the electronica. Much of the material wouldn’t be out of place in the deep-house clubs of the early ’90s, but in 2013, it sounds pretty poppy. You can work to it, drive to it and of course, dance to it. Club hit White Noise is included.

Although the duo are from Surrey, much of the album lends itself to old New York house music, apart from a few obvious tracks that have the retro sound of a former UK Garage scene. It’s an album that today’s youth will enjoy, if they can keep their mind open, and it’s an LP that a few old-clubbers/ravers can relate to and enjoy.

Eclectic? Probably not. But good? Yes. Definitely refreshing enough to make the purchase

Score: 7/10