October 28, 2014


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The voluminous issue #20 of Carbon Copy Magazine features cool Hawaiian model Travis Smith at DNA on the cover, photographed by Jeremy Kost at Jedroot, in support of his book project ‘FRACTURED‘. Photographed on Impossible Project film, the cover story is a dreamy 18-page spread with Kost’s trademark ethereal double-exposures.

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The 168-page issue features a bunch of new faces alongside headliners including Daan Van Der Deen, Joan Pedrola, Rouan Louch at Request, Matt Ardel at FM, Chris Poulter, Sang Woo, Harvey James, and Dominik Bauer to name but a few. Full casting list below.

Contributors: Aitor Santome, Artur Cieslakowski, Barbara Anastacio, Cully Wright, Charlotte James, Cristina Planelles, Emmanuel Giraud, Elvira Pla, Fleur Huynh Evans, Ian Cole, Jacob Park, Jared Bautista, Jeremy Kost, Jonatan Mejia, Jules Wood, Julia Popescu, Luke Abby, Marc Pina, Mary Lees, Micaela Rossato, Serafin Zielinski, & Tom Andrew.

Andrew Saunders (Bluèwaffle)
Archie Bodimeade at Bookings
Bash Sanchez at Models1
Chris Poulter at Select
Daan Van Der Deen at Success Models
David Kubas at Request
Deion Smith at Red
Derek Jaskot at Q6 Model & Talent
Devin Childers at IMG
Dominik Bauer at UNO Models
Emmanuel at Wilhelmina
Fielding at New York Models
Harvey James at AMCK
Guerrino Santulliana at New York Models
Jan Purski at AS Mgmt
Joan Pedrola at Sight Mgmt
Joel Leitch (Aero ace)
Joel Meacock at IMG
Joey Rogers at Supa
Karlis Sadlers at IMG
Lewis Conlon at Select,
Marc Faille at FM
Matt Ardel at FM
Naleye D at New York Models
Philip Reimers at IMG
Randy Vargas (KidtheWiz)
Rouan Louch at Request
Sang Woo at Select
Travis Smith at DNA

Published by Ian Cole

172 pages
Full colour
A4, perfect bound
350gsm cover stock
Matt Laminated
170gsm inside

Download this issue as part of an eBook Bundle



above: Travis Smith at DNA by Jeremy Kost


above: Travis Smith at DNA by Jeremy Kost


above: Travis Smith at DNA by Jeremy Kost

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 16.43.31

above: Derek Jaskot at Q6 Model & Talent by Cully Wright

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 16.44.13

above: Derek Jaskot at Q6 Model & Talent by Cully Wright


above: Derek Jaskot at Q6 Model & Talent by Cully Wright


above: Rouan Louch at Request Models by Barbara Anastacio. Styled by Julia Popescu


above: Rouan Louch at Request, Deion Smith at Red & Naleye D at New York Models by Barbara Anastacio. Styled by Julia Popescu


above: Archie B at Bookings Models by Ian Cole


above: Archie B at Bookings Models by Ian Cole


above: Matt Ardel at FM, Marc Faille at FM & Bash Sanchez at Models1 by Tom Andrew. Art Direction by Mary Lees & styled by Charlotte James


above: Matt Ardel at FM, Marc Faille at FM & Bash Sanchez at Models1 by Tom Andrew. Art Direction by Mary Lees & styled by Charlotte James


above: Daan Van Der Deen at Success Models by Emmanuel Giraud. Styled by Fleur Huynh Evans


above: Daan Van Der Deen at Success Models by Emmanuel Giraud. Styled by Fleur Huynh Evans


above: Daan Van Der Deen at Success Models by Emmanuel Giraud. Styled by Fleur Huynh Evans


above: Harvey James at AMCK by Aitor Santome. Styled by Cristina Planelles


above: Lewis Conlon at Select, Joey Rogers at Supa, Chris Poulter at Select, Harvey James at AMCK & Sang Woo at Select by Aitor Santome. Styled by Cristina Planelles

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 16.45.27

above: Guerrino Santulliana at New York Models by Jared Bautista. Styled by Jonatan Mejia

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 16.51.19

above: Phillip Reimers at IMG at IMG by Luke Abby. Styled by Jacob Park


above: Karlis Sadlers at IMG by Luke Abby. Styled by Jacob Park


above: Fielding at New York Models by Michaela Rossato. Styling by Jules Wood

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 18.38.34

above: Dancers W.A.F.F.L.E(WeAreFamilyForLifeEntertainment), Andrew Saunders (Bluèwaffle), Randy Vargas (KidtheWiz) & Joel Leitch (Aero ace) plus models Emmanuel at Wilhelmina & Fielding at New York Models by Michaela Rossato. Styling by Jules Wood

CC20_80 CC20_81

above: Jan Purski at AS Mgmt by Artur Cieslakowski. Styled by Serafin Zielinski


above: Joan Pedrola at Sight Mgmt by Fernando Gomez. Styled by Sofia Marino


above: Joan Pedrola at Sight Mgmt by Fernando Gomez. Styled by Sofia Marino


above: Dominik Bauer at UNO Models by Sergi Jasanada. Styled by Marc Pina