September 20, 2018

Interview: British Actor Jonathan Jude

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There’s a New Jude In Town

We sat down with young rising actor Jonathan Jude who first featured in Carbon Copy #18 back in 2013 as a teen, which you can see HERE. He’s been busy this year so we caught up with him with some updated images by photographer Nate Vaughan.

CC: How are you since we last saw you?
Jonathan Jude: I’m great, a lot has changed since the last time I saw you, it’s been busy.

CC: Yes 5 years ago! What you’ve been up to?
Jonathan Jude: Since the last time I saw you guys, I’ve been busy. I shot a movie called ‘CLOSE‘ starring Noomi Rapace, coming to Netflix very soon. Countless theatre shows for the likes of Black Cat and The CLD, both are companies my good friends run. I’ve modelled in South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Rome and Bangkok. And last but not least I’ve just come back from shooting the Sky One series ‘Living the Dream‘ by Big Talk.

CC: What can you tell us about your character in “Living The Dream”
Jonathan Jude: So he is a high School DJ obsessed with music, the ladies seem to like him but by no means is he a typical high school Jock. He keeps himself to himself and that’s all I can say haha.

CC: Cool, so you were born in Birmingham and now you live in London?
Jonathan Jude: I was indeed, my parents both still live there. I love London – busy, diverse and to be honest, it’s the only place for actors to be in England. I go back home occasionally to see my family or watch my sister play football.

CC: That’s right, your sister’s a football player, she plays for Birmingham city ladies and England u23’s. Was she always better than you at football?
Jonathan Jude: I would like to say no because I’m older but in reality, for her age, she was way better… my sport was always tennis. Thankfully I was better at her at that to save my pride.

CC: Your sister is a professional footballer and you’re an actor, your parents must have done something right!
Jonathan Jude: I think it was all chicken nuggets we had as children must if had something special in….. I’m joking they are amazing they allowed us to follow our dreams that’s for sure.

CC: You had a great start to the year booking both of your first 2 jobs!
Jonathan Jude: Yeah this year’s been amazing I have a lot to thank my manager here in London. We have both worked very hard and it paid it off.

CC: Tell me what’s in the future for you?
Jonathan Jude: Who knows, this industry is so unpredictable. My goal this year was to write more and I’ve been slacking on that so far. Looking into the distance my future is in the United States. I’m represented by Mosaic in the US and we definitely plan on doing some great things together.

Thank you Jonathan and we look forward to following your career in the future!

Photography: Nate Vaughan
Actor: Jonathan Jude
Represented by Tom NorcliffeTiffany Kuzon