October 11, 2016

Interview: The Modern Strangers with Photography by Alex Amorós for Carbon Copy #23

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For the music cover of our latest issue Carbon Copy #23, British band The Modern Strangers featured, photographed by Alex Amorós and styled by Cristina Planelles. Limited edition print editions of the magazine are available for a short time and you can download a PDF instantly

Photography Alex Amorós
Fashion editor Cristina Planelles
Grooming Elle Wade
Styling assistant Cris Alguacil
Filmmaker Manuel Mollá
Artists Max & Archie Davenport “The Moderns Strangers” at Select Model Management

Interview by Matt King, music editor:

1. Can you start off by telling us who The Modern Strangers are and how you formed as a band?
We’re brothers, Max & Archie Davenport. We formed over Christmas of 2015 by accidentally making our debut song ‘Margarita’ after a few drinks on Christmas Eve.

2. How did you come up with your band name?
We had a demo called The Modern Strangers that we never used, we felt it would work as a band name! It’s about knowing exactly who someone is (thanks to Dacebook) without ever having met them in person.

3. What are each your roles in the band?
We’re currently working our live show as it’s all very new to us! I’ll (max) take care of singing & Archie will be on lead guitar. We’re going to bring in some friends to help us bring it to life, they are Will on drums, Jimmy on keys & Patrick on bass!

4. What sparks your creativity and influences your music?
Hearing music out and about in bars, 70s music with great bass lines. We’ll often wake up with 100s of songs we’ve Shazam’ed after a night out.

5. Growing up were you both into the same sort of music?
Pretty much… Crowded House, Talking Heads, The Alan Parsons Project, William Onyeabor & The Strokes to name a few!

6. What are the good and bad parts working with your brother?
Good parts are that we’re always on the same page & know each other well. The bad parts are that Archie wishes he was me.

7. What has been your favourite gig to date and why?
We are yet to play our first show. Currently rehearsing lots to get ready for our summer shows.

8. We have really enjoyed listening to your 2 released tracks ‘Dark ’N’ Stormy’ and ‘Margarita’, can you tell us what they are about except obviously alcohol?
‘Margarita’ isn’t really about much. We made it not really knowing what we wanted to do musically. Originally it was just going to be an instrumental!

‘Dark N Stormy’ has a little more to it, and goes a little more down the disco route. It’s about girl troubles on nights out!

9. We saw some photos of you guys recording in Brighton on your Instagram, what are you currently working on and when can we hear it?
We’ve been in the studio almost every day since January! We’re just working on getting as many good songs in the bag as we can, ready for a live show and for the festivals over the summer.

10. What else is on the horizon for ‘The Modern Strangers’?
We have our first headline show on 12th July at The Waiting Rooms in Stoke Newington (London) we’re all working towards making that the best show it can be. Also a few festivals over the summer & between that releasing lots of new music.

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