January 28, 2013

Josh Beech Interview / Issue #16

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Model and musician Josh Beech was the cover star of Carbon Copy #16, photographed and interviewed by Yu Tsai:

YT: Welcome back to Los Angeles, Josh.
JB: Yeah! Nice to chat with you again, Yutsai!

YT: What brings you back to Los Angeles?
JB: Well actually — I have recently moved to LA with my fiancé.

YT: Fiancé? Really? I didn’t even know you were dating. You just broke many hearts, including mine…
JB: Hahaha — sorry dude.

YT : How is LA treating you?
JB: Its been pretty fun so far. It’s so different from London, so it has taken a bit of getting used to.

YT: Yeah we have the sun, the ocean and the beach here — you just have to sit in traffic to get there sometimes.
JB: Yeah, I am not keen on the amount of driving that has to be done to get anywhere as I am so used to just jumping on the tube or riding my horse dressed as a pirate.

YT: You will actually blend right in on Hollywood Blvd. No one will even bat an eye.
JB: I really wish that I did ride a horse dressed as a pirate, but unfortunately its not true and I ain’t that cool. It’s something I am looking into though.

YT: I will loan you my pirate outfit when you are ready. Musicians are cool by nature right? That’s why I started learning guitar — so I can be cool like you.
JB: Are they? I dont know — I guess some are. I dont think of myself as being “cool” at all. Thanks for the compliment though, man. Do you want some guitar lessons?

YT: YES Please! I’m a big fan of your voice and music. Have you been checking out the music scene in LA?
JB: Thank you very much, mate. The music scene in LA is really great. There are so many intimate venues to see shows. A lot of the bands that have blown up in the UK scene already, are newer to America and play much smaller gigs around town than they would in the UK now.  It’s also really fun to see new American acts which no one in the UK has heard yet.

YT: Anyone good?
JB: I went to see The Neighbourhood the other day. They are from California and not many people have heard them in the UK yet really. Amazing band — you should go and check them out.

YT: Will do — I will try to Spotify them. Other than the music scene and your fiancé, what else in LA has inspired you.
JB: Well, I have discovered a new found love for the best fucking fast food chain in the world… and no its not In and Out Burger — although that is amazing when you’re drunk and on your way home.

YT: I used to love In and Out so much. Now I don’t eat red meat anymore so I dont get to enjoy it. I do love their fries still.
JB: Well, Veggie Grill is my absolute fave. Have u tried it? Jesus Christ it’s so good!

YT: I don’t think I have, but if Jesus Christ is involved, it better be amazing.
JB: It is, trust me.

YT: I will take your word for it. All play, no work while you are here?
JB: My few months in LA have not just consisted of fast food and pirate horseback riding. I have just finished recording a mini album.

YT: Looking forward to hearing it — what is the name of the album?
JB: My album is called “2 Halves”. The reason for this — being that it is 2 discs. One disc purely acoustic and one disc which has more of a full band sound and is louder than the first disc. I wanted to show the world that I don’t have to be a “band” or an “acoustic” artist. I can be both. I love performing and writing both styles of what I do, so why not? Why should I choose to be one or the other?

YT: But, what would Jesus do?
JB : (silence)

YT : When can we expect to hear this duo style album?
JB: It’s due out early 2013. The first single “With Ease”, from the “acoustic” disc, is available now from my website for FREE:
The second single “Played The Fool”, which is the first from the “full band” disc, has been be available — once again — for FREE, from my website since November.

YT: I expect to hear the album before anyone else. Can we see you play live anytime soon?
JB: I am looking forward to playing some intimate shows in LA over the next few months so look out for that. I will post my schedule on Twitter: @iamjoshbeech

YT : It was nice to spend time with you again. I hope I am shooting your next album cover.
JB : Really nice to catch up with you, mate. You wanna shoot the album cover?… Awesome, the jobs yours. See you soon!

Special thanks to Josh Beech and Yu Tsai