July 12, 2016

Lion Babe by Conor Clinch for Carbon Copy #22

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As we are about to release the covers of our new issue, we wanted to share the interview from our last cover story featuring one of the hottest musical duo’s right now LIONBABE. The editorial photographed by Conor Clinch, with production and styling by Danyul Brown is also below. Limited edition print versions are available plus digital editions including Apple Newsstand
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Photographer Conor Clinch
Producer & Stylist Danyul Brown
Hair Kim Roy at One Represents using Davines
Makeup Martina Lattanzi at One Represents using Bobbi Brown
Styling assistants Alexia Lloyd Daher & Tamy Davison
Photography assistant Harry Hawkes
Location West Thirty Six, Portobello Rd, London – (read more about the location HERE)
Talent Lion Babe

112 pages
Full colour
Perfect bound
Quality art papers


D: Have you enjoyed today?

L: “Yes, today was fun.”

J: “It’s nice to work, play and shoot at one of our favourite restaurants in London.”

L: “Yup, shout out to West Thirty Six.”

D: How has your time in the UK been so far, I see you did TFI last night how was that?

L: “Fun and busy.”

J: “Yes, London is always a big blur of fun and exciting events – but also a lot of work, little sleep and just the hustle game is very strong. It was really cool to do a big TV show and have our whole team and friends really excited.  Everyone was saying how much it reminded them of when they were kids, because we definitely have shows like that in the States that we feel the same way about. Also our single has just come out so it was a great opportunity for us to share the song in an interesting way from person to person. It’s going to be quite a trip but we’re just going to keep going.”

D: New single ‘Where Do We Go’, let’s talk about that. Love it. What’s the story behind this?

L: “Where Do We Go’ started out as a song that was shown to us by the label. They were looking for a certain type of tune, which was done by this guy, Robin Hannibal first.  He sent us the session and it wasn’t really our style in the beginning so we took it and just really re-worked it into something that was more LION BABE. We re-did the beat, rewrote the lyrics to the verses and now it’s become a collage of a bunch of different things – this disco, turn-up vibe type thing.”

D: Tell me how you two met. How long do you two go back?

J: “We met through a mutual friend about seven years ago now. Our initial meet was a long time ago but it’s been probably about four years of working together and being partners. We met and started working via a dance thing I was doing. I needed Lucas to score a piece for me and he did that and we had a lot of similar interests, so the idea of a band just kind of happened. After we wrote ‘Treat Me Like Fire,’ it felt really good, we continued to work together and it’s pretty much been a non-stop ‘just focus on LION BABE’ since then.”

D: Let’s rewind, five years ago was this where you saw yourself right now?

J: “Definitely not. I thought I was going to be performing. I didn’t think I was going to be in London so much and I didn’t think I was going to be singing. So no, but it’s cool.”

L: “I think I would have been doing music but I didn’t necessarily know I was going to be doing this. I don’t think I even thought of where I would be in five years’ time, but I just thought I’d be doing some kind of music.”

D: What kind of music are you guys into? What’s your ideal playlist?

L: “I love all sorts of stuff. I think the ideal playlist would have some funky old stuff. Some Sly Stone, some Al Green and then some 90s jams and some Dilla vibes too.”

J: “I guess I’m an oldie and since it’s around Christmas time I might be throwing on some old school Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin or Eartha Kitt vibes for Christmas-time.”

D: Jillian… I know you have a history of professional dancing. Do you prefer to sing or dance?

J: “I don’t think I have a preference. There’s definitely lots of different forms of expression that I’m into and it’s nice to be able to express yourself in lots of different ways. I do think dance is my first love and I’m really fulfilled when I’m dancing but I still really enjoy singing.”

D: New York or London?

L: “I’d say New York. New York is home for life.”

J: “I would have to say New York as well. It’s home and there’s no place like home, as Dorothy says.”

D: What’s been your favourite part of today?

L: “The sandwiches for breakfast were so good.”

J: “Yes, everything was really low-key and relaxed and everyone wanted us to be really comfortable. The music has been non-stop jams so that’s always good!”

D: What’s next, any more collaborations?

L: “Wrapping this album and doing more shows. And I’m sure more collaborations. We’re looking forward to definitely finishing this project and being able to start something fresh.”

J: “A lot more of that. A lot more shows. There is going to be a video for the new single ‘Where Do We Go’, so more visuals. Our album ‘Begin’ represents the journey from where  we started with ’Treat Me Like Fire’ and where we are now. It shows a range of sounds that reveal our likes, and our messages and all sorts of different flavours so hopefully it will be able to keep the listeners who first came in engaged and also reach out and touch other people who might not know us yet.”

L: “For us, this is, as the title says, the beginning and it’s a culmination of our whole diving into LION BABE since day one with ‘Treat Me Like Fire’ to this point that we’ve actually come out now and here we are.”

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