March 16, 2016

#MeetTheModel Christopher Michaut at View Management

By Aitor Santomé In Meet the Model

The model Christopher Michaut at View Management join our series #meetthemodel, here photographed by Luciano Insua. Discover more about him in the interview below.


Full Name: Christopher Michaut

Age: 25

Height: 1.88m 

Place of origin: Paris

Birth sign: Aries


What did you want to be growing up?: I’m not really sure I’ll ever grow up the way society wants me to, but I guess like every kid, I wanted to be an inventor or an artist.

How and where were you discover?: I was discovered when I was 17, during a demonstration in Paris. I was a gothic at the time and I was standing on a bench in the street, screaming at some politicians. I guess that made me easy to see or hear from the distance!

What you would be doing if you weren’t a model?: If I weren’t a model, I think I would have found another way to travel as much as I do now. Seeing the world has always been a part of my big plan. And after I would have studied art history as I do for 3 years now.

Hobbies?: I have this weird habit to visit and reference all my favorite art pieces from every museums in the towns I visit. Also hiking and climbing. Beside I draw, do photography, write and read a lot.

Favourite music / band?: My favourite band is Archive, but as a type of music it’s mostly the Electronic progressive, rock alternative and Trip Hop. All the music that came from the UK in the early 90’s, like Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead, etc…



First album bought ever?: The first album I bought was a single from No Doubt “Don’t speak” , I still have it, it’s history! The first album was Homogenic of Bjork, I was 8…

Favourite gig you have attended?: My favourite gig was Archive for sure, I was 16 and since then I see them almost every year. In fact I saw them last week end!

Next gig you are going?: My next one is going to be The Knife and Fever Ray this month in Paris, can’t wait.

Album / song that’s on repeat right now?: Nymph, the last Nicolas Jaar’s album, dope!

5 top favourite songs?: Controlling Crowds, Archive – Hey you by Pink Floyd – Superman by Eminem – Still Dre by Dr Dre feat Snoop dogg – Paradise Circus by Massive Attack.

Brand you would like to model for?: All the ones I haven’t worked with yet.


Best / hilarious / curious modelling experience ever?: Probably the best and craziest experience was on my 21st birthday, my booker called me and said “Okay, I don’t know what you are doing, but you are flying to Beverly Hills to shoot a CK campaign tomorrow morning” and when I was there she told me “By the way, in 4 days you will be going to Shanghai for their show” it was one of my first jobs, my brain collapsed!

What would you choose between working on a photo shoot or catwalk?: Even if I love fashion week, the shootings are a great playground to me, you can express yourself and have photographers that will push you to your limits, it’s a great school!

Is there someone in the fashion or photography world who you specifically admire?: Tricky question, there is a lot of people that I admire in the business. But from the ones I had the chance to work with, the worlds of Steven Klein and Tim Walker really fascinates me.

Favourite place in the world?: My favourite place in the world without the slightest doubt is Stockholm and all the Nordic countries in general. I love their minds, personality, art and landscapes.

Currently obsessed for… Dr. Martens… I have about 10 pairs…

Your own perfect look would be… My own perfect look? It would be like an uniform, starting with my burgundy Dr. Martens, high waist black trousers, white t-shirt, and my vintage Balenciaga coat and Givenchy backpack.

Social media profile:

Instagram: @Christophermichaut

Twitter: @Chrismichaut