May 2, 2016

#MeetTheModel George Hard at View Management

By Cristina Planelles In Meet the Model

George Hard at View Management, photographed by Luciano Insua, join our series #meetthemodel. Discover more about him in the interview below.


Full Name: George Hard
Age: 19
Height: 6 ft 1.5
Place of origin: Essex, England
Birth Sign: Libra
What did you want to be growing up? I think it was a combination of a doctor, vet and singer all at the same time.
How and where were you discovered? My cousins friend is a model agent who I met a Oxford Circus.
What you would be doing if you weren’t a model? I would probably still be at university doing nutrition or planning an escape to somewhere.


Hobbies? Researching, music, botany, cooking.
Favourite music / band? Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill , Jeff Buckley, Andre 3000, Alt-j, Flying lotus, Luther Vandross, Barrington Levy, Bill withers, nonage gypsy etc…
First album bought ever? I cant remember maybe it was simply red or Michael Jackson.
Favourite gig you have attended? Chance the rapper.
Next gig you are going? No idea.


5 top favourite songs?  Sometimes by Erykah Badu – Mojo pin by Jeff Buckley –  Here I come by Barrington levy –  Fast car by Tracy Chapman –  Sun is shining by Bob Marley.

Album / song that’s on repeat right now?  Cosplay by Captain Murphy.
Brand you would like to model for? Anyone who wants me. Obviously not anyone, but you know there are a few.
Best / hilarious / curious modeling experience ever? Going to Mexico with Esquire Spain.
What would you choose between working on a photo shoot or catwalk? I like the atmosphere of the catwalk and the build up for something that doesn’t even last that long so i would probably say that.


Is there someone in the fashion or photography world who you specially admire? No one in particular, I just admire lots of different work of different people. Mario Gerth’s work is really cool.
Favourite place in the world? I haven’t been there yet.
Currently obsessed for... Mangoes.
Your own perfect look would be… Fine materials but really relaxed and comfortable.
Social media profile:
Instagram: @Lookingforlemuria