May 19, 2016

#MeetTheModel Harm Van Der Weide at Unsigned Group

By Matt King In Meet the Model

Harm Van Der Weide at Unsigned Group, photographed by Cesar Perin, join our series #meetthemodel. Discover more about him in the interview below.


Full Name: Harm van der Weide

Age: I am 19 years old.

Height: I am 191.5 centimetres.

Place of Origin: I am living on the countryside of the Netherlands. Right in the north where Friesland lies.

Birth sign: Aquarius.

What did you want to be growing up?
There was a long time that I wanted to be an architect. This went on for a long while but right now I wouldn’t like that as a job. At the moment I am going more in the direction of graphic designer of some sort.


How and where were you discovered?
I was discovered around somewhat a month ago in London Liverpool street. I was going to London on a vacation with my best friend. So when we arrived in London we thought “hey, let’s go to the Starbucks for some coffee.” I was just sitting there in front of the Starbucks sipping my coffee as one does and then a man came to me. He said he was from an agency and told me that I could be a model if I wanted to. I grabbed that opportunity and here we are now.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a model?
I would be getting a creative job. Probably in a video editing direction because I love to do that. But who knows maybe I would be doing something very different.

I like to read Science fictions and fantasy books. I love to put my mind in that world and absorb every detail explained. I also like to paint even though I am not doing that much lately.


Favourite musician or band?
I love indie music. Just all sorts of music actually. It’s more that I like a band instead of a genre. Doesn’t matter which direction it goes, but I can find myself especially in the Indie genre.

First album bought ever?
Haha, that would be WILD by Troye Sivan. Even though I don’t listen to it that much I do like the album. I think he is a great artist.

Favourite gig you have attended?
Definitely all-time favourite goes to the festival “Welcome to the Village”. I just love it there. It has had great line-ups the years that I came there and the atmosphere is just great.

Harm Vander Weide by cesar perin

Next gig you are going?
That’s “Welcome to the Village” at the moment. Which I will attend upcoming July.

Top 5 songs?
I like a lot of songs so it is a bit hard to choose but here is my top five:

1. J.Viewz – Oh, Something’s Quiet (feat. Kelli Scarr)
2. Disclosure – You & Me (flume Remix)
3. The Growlers – Chinese Fountain
4. Aquilo – Good Girl
5. Twenty One Pilots – Guns For Hands

Album or song that’s on repeat right now?
Twenty one pilots album named Blurryface. I am in love with those songs at the moment.

Brand you would like to model for?
To be fair I really wouldn’t know the answer to this question. I will just let my path lead me to unexpected things. I like to stand open for new experiences.

Harm smily

Best/hilarious/curious modelling experience ever?
I haven’t been that long into the modelling industry. So it would be the experience I had when going to London for introducing myself to my agency. It was a lot of fun to be there and I would love to come back soon.

Favourite place in the world?
At the moment that is London. I love the diversity in the city. The first moment you could be walking on an old city part and the next moment you are in a full modern part of the city. This is something I really like about London.

Harm 00000643022

What are you currently obsessed with?
At the moment that would be Instagram. I have started all over with that and it just renewed my love for the platform.

What would your own perfect look be?
Probably casual trousers with a turtleneck shirt, trainers and a bomber jacket.

Social media profile: Instagram and Twitter to be followed
Instagram: harmvdweide

Top 6 songs on my itunes

1. Beyoncé – Hold up
2. Diamonds – The Boxer Rebellion
3. Oscar and the Wolf – Strange Entity
4. Porter Robinson – Sea of Voices
5. Phoria – Emanate
6. Above & Beyond – You Got To Go (Acoustic version)


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