January 22, 2016

#MeetTheModel Jeroen Teerlinck at View Management

By Cristina Planelles In Meet the Model

Jeroen Teerlinck at View Management join our series #meetthemodel, here photographed by AdrianCatalán and styled by Eus Cantó. Discover more about him in the interview below.


Full Name: Jeroen jesoea Teerlinck

Age: 25

Height: 1.87 m

Place of origin: Amsterdam 

Birth sign: Taurus


What did you want to be growing up?: A professional football Player 

How and where were you discover?: I was walking in the main shopping street in Amsterdam And someone asked if i was a model. I said no And the day after i signed a contract

What you would be doing if you weren’t a model?: Acting 

Hobbies?: Reading, writing, thinking, playing soccer

Favourite music / band?: The child of LOV

First album bought ever?: Purple rain by Prince


Favourite gig you have attended?: Never say never by Justin Bieber

Next gig you are going?: Justin Bieber World Tour

5 top favourite songs?: Brown sugar by D’Angelo,  Warrior byThe child of LOV, Never say never by Justin Bieber,  Sympathy for the devil by The Rolling stones, Bicycle by Queen

Brand you would like to model for?: I don’t decide so I don’t expect so I don’t think about this

Best / hilarious / curious modelling experience ever?: When I had a video shoot for Gucci and Kate moss arrived on the set without knowing it. It was cool to work with her. 

What would you choose between working on a photo shoot or catwalk?: The catwalks give you a certain energy, adrenaline. It’s something addictive to me!


Is there someone in the fashion or photography world who you specifically admire?: Brett Lloyd, in my opinion one of the best photographers out there, and my Mother Agent JD from Ulla models. He is my hero. 

Favourite place in the world?: New York City

Currently obsessed for… Sandwiches with mozzarella

Your own perfect look would be… Like how I am now

Social media profile:

Instagram: @jeroenjesoea

Twitter: @jesoea


Photographer: AdrianCatalán – Stylist: Eus Cantó – Makeup & Hair: Raquel Diez –  Model: Jeroen Teerlinck at View Management