June 16, 2016

#MeetTheModel: Joes Bos at Wilhelmina London

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Joining our #meetthemodel series this week is Joes Bos from Wilhelmina London who was photographed by Ian Cole for Carbon Copy recently on both film and digital. Learn more about him in our brief interview below.

Photographer: Ian Cole
Thanks to Fuji Film
All fashion Julian Zigerli SS/16 except white t-shirt by Reebok


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1. Full Name Joes Arnoldus Bos

2. Age 19

3. Height 187 cm

4. Place of origin Mildam, the Netherlands

 5. Birth sign Taurus


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6. What did you want to be growing up?
A lot of things, but I mostly told people I wanted to be a ‘dinosaur-professor’

7. How and where were you discover?
My mother-agent scouted me on instagram when I was in my last year of highschool

8. What you would be doing if you weren’t a model?
I would be studying environmental sciences back home in the Netherlands

9. Hobbies?
Playing football, running and just hanging out with friends

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10. Favourite music / band?
The Red Hot Chili Peppers

11. First album bought ever?
Stadium Arcadium

12. Favourite gig you have attended?
The pinkpop festival

13. Next gig you are going?
I don’t know yet but me and my friends are planning to go to a techno festival

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14. 5 top favourite songs?
Welcome to Jamrock – Damian Marley
Snow – Red hot chilli peppers
Juice – Chance the rapper
Get no better – clear soul forces
Money trees – Kendrick Lamar

15. Album / song that’s on repeat right now?
Come alive – Guts

16. Brand you would like to model for?
Victoria’s Secret, that backstage would be amazing

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17. Best / hilarious / curious modelling experience ever?
In one of my first testshoots it took me five minutes to figure out a photographer said ‘three quarter’ in stead of ‘drink water’. It caused a really awkward situation as you can imagine.

18.What would you choose between working on a photo shoot or catwalk?
Both are fun, but shows gives more of an adrenaline rush, and its often warmer than the outdoor shoots 😉

19. Is there someone in the fashion or photography world who you specially admire?
The fashion world is really new to me so I don’t really know yet. Ask me again next year and I will have an answer for you.

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20. Favourite place in the world?
I love every place with a nice beach and good weather, but if I had to pick one of the places I have been I would say the Croatian beach.

21. Currently obsessed for…
At the moment I am binch whatching ‘Sons of Anarchy’, so you can say I am obsesed by that.

22. Your own perfect look would be…
Something comfy but nice looking, I would love to have some silk pyjamas

23. Social media profile:
I don’t have twitter but my instagram name is: joesbos

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