March 30, 2016

#MeetTheModel Merse at SAMtheagency

By Matt King In Meet the Model

The model Merse at SAMtheagency joins our series #meetthemodel. The shot below was taken in Budapest and photographed by Ben Sabo, with hair styling from Onon Tsogtsaikhan. Find out more about Merse in the interview below.


Full Name: Merse Molnar
Age: 19
Place of origin: Budapest


How did you get into modelling and how long you have been doing it.
I had been at an agency for a year doing nothing,a face on the wall.  I was very young and still in high school. Meanwhile I was following a photographer on social media (who is my agent right now, Sam), who asked me if I wanted to shoot with him, then half a year later I heard that he was managing models, so I asked if I could join his freshly-made agency. I did so with no regrets.

What is your one true passion?
I’m absolutely passionate about modelling, traveling and exploring new cultures!

What is the most common misconception about you?
That I am ego-centric, I am actually super low-maintenance , a simple down to earth person!

What would be your dream vacation destination?
If I would be with my friends, we would have fun anywhere, but if I really have to say a dream destination, then in Seoul,Korea. Last season I spent 2 months in Tokyo and loved it. I love Asia!

Is modelling everything you thought it would be?
It is completely different in many ways and always a new adventure! I am finished high school now so I have the time to travel, learn and experience the business.

What album should we all be listening to right now?
Son Lux – Alternate Worlds, I just found this artist and I’m extremely addicted already.



5 top favourite songs? The Knife by Pass This On – Born to Die by Lana del Rey – World Princess, Pt. II by Grimes – Angels by ASAP Rocky – What Kind of Man by Florence + The Machine – Papi Pacify by FKA twigs

What is your typical weekend like?
Hanging out with my friends, baking sweets, board-games, reading, parties, museums.

How important is social media to you and your career?
Well, as for most of the models, it’s a sort of advertising platform for me(instagram), but not that serious that I feel as that I need to constantly post, I have more important things to do!

Along with modelling, would you consider a career in acting?
I am definitely interested in it but I don’t feel ‘ready’ for it yet. Perhaps I will try it later.

What is the strangest thing you had to wear for a shoot?
A parachute probably.

Has modelling helped your dating life?
It has clearly helped my self-esteem.

What physical feature do you get complimented on the most?
My cheekbones, my red hair and freckles.

If we had to depend on you to cook for us, would we eat or would we starve?
Really depends on my mood, haha. But you would probably starve or get thin, I am a vegetarian.

What are 3 things you would like us to know about you?
That I am open-minded, selfless and shy.

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