March 5, 2018

#meetthemodel Lewis F at Named by Ira Giorgetti

By Nathan Best In Carbon Copy, Editorials

Photographer Ira Giorgetti shoots new face Lewis F at Named Models for our #meetthemodel series featuring a Q&A with Lewis & our US Editor Nathan Best.

1. Hi Lewis, It’s cool to meet you! What’s your age and where are you from?
Hi, my name is Lewis Feltham I am 17 years old and live in a Brighton.

2. What’s it like living in your city or town?
I enjoy living in my town because it’s really nice and has a good beach to go in the summer.

3. What do you enjoy the most about modelling?
What I enjoy most about modelling is meeting the new people; whereas its photographers, makeup artist or new models. I also take photography A level so it’s a good experience when I go to the test shoots.

4. What is your favourite pastime?
My favourite pastime is probably when I went to Glastonbury when I was 16.

5. Do you have one or more favourite music artists?
Favourite artist is Travis Scott.

6. What food is your absolute favourite?
My favourite meal is definitely a roast dinner

7. What is your favourite saying?
Favourite saying “whatever floats your boat”