May 14, 2018

Movistar Loom Festival Barcelona 19th May 2018

By Cristina Planelles In Blog, Carbon Copy, Music

Movistar Loom Festival is an Interdisciplinary Arts Festival that will take place next May 19th at the modernist warehouse Utopia126 in Poblenou, Barcelona.

Ten different rooms will be used to create an interactive path where the audience will be introduced in a fictitious world, blending artistic disciplines, audiovisual and interactive installations, performance and live music.

This is the first big scale project of Barcelona based Loom Collective, realised with the support of Movistar Artsy, Movistar Spain and the collaboration of a network of local and international artists.

Interdisciplinary art festival ‘Loom’ presents a panoramic view of Immersive Art by means of performance, audio-visual and interactive installation. In the era of Big Data and Connected Individualism the audience will be transported into a fictitious world blending the lines between artistic disciplines simulating Utopia, Dystopia, Futurism, Technology, Control, Freedom, Reality and Fiction in a contemporary landscape.

The festival will be headlined by Teki Latex, Coucou Chloe, Heather, Colectivo VVAA, Shygirl, El Palomar, and the collective Transpecies Society; which is constituted by Neil Harbisson, Moon Ribas and Manel Muñoz.

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