May 18, 2017

No. One Footwear-Made by Hand

By Nathan Best In Blog, Collections, Footwear

Footwear-industry veteran Mark Gainor, a veteran in the footwear world, recently launched his handmade sneaker brand named No.One . Made exclusively in Venice Beach, California, his footwear is made by hand in the hundreds of years old hard bottom shoe tradition.

The Bravo, which is a sneaker inspired by German-army-trainers recently dropped following the release of  the Alpha. The Bravo is made of Italian speckled pony hair, and a hefty price of $675, it take around two weeks to craft  14 to 17 pairs. 18 will be for sale tomorrow (for $675).

26 models will be released in the lineup, named  for each letter in the alphabet, with two more styles to be released this year.