January 17, 2014


By admin In Music


March of the Downtrodden is the latest single from Ooberfuse, a London-based electronica duo and we’re happy to share the promo video. The single is released 17th March, so look out for it.

Cherrie says : “March of the Downtrodden is a rallying cry to those marked in some way by abusive forces crushing and destroying the quite-legitimate aspirations of the human heart. Whether it is someone constricted by the restraints imposed by loved ones, victims of abusive structures of authority like people living in intolerant political regimes e.g. North Korea or victims of abusive religious leaders – our song offers a temporary sanctuary to soothe the pains, dress the wounds and re-join the pieces of the whole trodden into the ground.”

Hal says : “We have always believed in the power of music to make audible the voices of the silent. Powerful forces conspire against the individual effectively gagging their mouths so that patterns of abuse, because unheard, remain hidden and undisclosed to the outside world. The only way to disarm and detoxify these poisonous strategies holding people in unnecessary servitude and offending against basic human liberties is to remove the gags muffling the screams that abuse provokes. ”

The single will be released under Fish Lipz Records on 17 March 2013.