March 18, 2013

Rumknuckles black varsity jacket.

By Mark Haddon In Blog, Carbon Copy, Fashion, Feature, Menswear

The original varsity jacket inspired by US college students and worn by people who were classified as top performers in a particular sport. Many high school and college students that earn varsity jackets are rewarded because of their high levels of performance and contributions to their varsity team. Rum Knuckles designed a varsity jacket to appeal to that absolute opposite. The RumKnuckles jacket is designed for people who skate, go to the pub. The cut is cool and fitted, the jackets banging and looks good dressed up or down. Its priced at £120 and for that you get a well made jacket with slick lining, embroided felt logo’s and PU pockets and arms. Available in some of the best street wear stores in the UK from April, such as Supra in Portobello Rd, Dark’n’Cold in Soho, Select Industries in Brighton and also selected Foot Asylum & USC storesnationwide’ + Photos by Chris Searle.

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