October 6, 2006

Trentemoller: The Last Resort

By admin In Music

Artist: Trentemoller
Title: The Last Resort

Released 6th October, 2006
Poker Flat Recordings

The Last Resort is the debut album of Danish electronic maestro Trentemoller. Full of atmosphere and and smart dubs, this 13-track record is without doubt a moody soundtrack that ticks a lot of boxes. Trentemoller is a multi-talented musician, programmer  and producer and his gifted understanding of what makes a dancefloor tick is reflected in his remixes and single releases.

Like most albums in this genre, they sound great in wine bars and chill-out rooms, but The Last Resort is worth a lot more than that. It has depth and it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that it takes you on a journey. It’s a well-produced album with lots of appealing sounds and beats, that still sound fresh today.

Stand-out tracks include Evil Dub, Chameleon and Into the Trees (Serenetti Part 3), but that’s just a matter of opinion, and we’re sure you will have yours…

Score: 9/10