July 24, 2017

Up and Coming by Yannick Schuette for Client Style UK

By admin In Editorials, Menswear

Up and Coming features Alexander at Iconic, Anton at Izaio, Carl at Viva Berlin, Sebastian at PMA, Tom & Tom at Izaio as featured in Client Style UK #16 photographed by Yannick Schuette. With styling by Heike Held, fashion includes William Fan, COS, Dolce & Gabbana, Case Studies, Stutterheim, Sissi Goetze, Vladimir Karaleev, Kiomi, Edwin, MSGM, Julian Zigerli and Kiomi.

Photography Yannick Schuette
Styling Heike Held
Hair & Makeup Patricia Hoos

Alexander at Iconic
Anton at Izaio
Carl at Viva Berlin
Sebastian at PMA
Sidney at Izaio
Tom & Tom at Izaio

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