July 12, 2019

White Torture by Yoshiyuki Minami for Carbon Copy #27

By admin In Carbon Copy

“Forceful deprivation of sensory experiences, “white torture,” is a psychological torturing method used by oppressive regimes to destroy and reconstruct the identities of their threats. Their objective is to systematically break down the very fibre of the rebels who willfully do not conform. In the realm of art, on the other hand, this gruesome, forced sensory-deprivation transcends to an imperative condition for the birth of the avant-garde.

The voluntary conformation to the purely white space – a safe cradle for their delicate, adolescent ideas – symbolizes the artists’ rejection of the ordinary and their commitment to act as a catalyst for the new. Every one-of-a-kind garment MANONIK meticulously hand-crafts is born in this fertile isolation, rejecting the norms of the fashion industry by critically examining and reconstituting the very meaning of garments.” 

White Torture with Nils Schoof at New York Models for Carbon Copy #27 with art direction and styling by Dfernando Zaremba and photography and fashion collection MANONIK by Yoshiyuki Minami.

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