March 24, 2016

Yan K by Jiajie Lin for Carbon Copy #22

By Aitor Santomé In Blog, Carbon Copy, Editorials, Fashion, Magazine, Menswear

“Fire and Love” features model Yan K at PRM photographed by Jiajie Lin for Carbon Copy #22. Limited edition print & digital editions available from the links below, find also the issue on Apple Newsstand.

Photography Jiajie Lin

Styling Jingyi Shen

Grooming Jianni Wu

Models Yan K at PRM

112 pages
Full colour
Perfect bound
Quality art papers




Yan-K_by_Jiajlie_Lin_Carbon_Copy_002 Yan-K_by_Jiajlie_Lin_Carbon_Copy_003 Yan-K_by_Jiajlie_Lin_Carbon_Copy_004

Yan-K_by_Jiajlie_Lin_Carbon_Copy_005 Yan-K_by_Jiajlie_Lin_Carbon_Copy_006


Yan-K_by_Jiajlie_Lin_Carbon_Copy_007 Yan-K_by_Jiajlie_Lin_Carbon_Copy_008